The History of Leroy Coop

The LeRoy Coop was started in 1960 to supply about 104 farmer members with crop and livestock inputs and a grain elevator. Today the Coop boasts over 1,000 members and the addition of three branches. The Westphalia and Gridley branches of the Coop were opened in 1996. The Yates Center branch was opened in December 2023. With their opening Coop services were brought closer to many members and opened doors for many more. Although the Coop is committed to serving its members, membership is not necessary to do business at the Coop.

The largest part of the Coop's business is grain handling. Storage capacity at LeRoy, Westphalia, Yates Center and Gridley is over 4,057,000 bushels. In 1975, the first chemical and fertilizer sprayer was added.  Today, we can apply Custom Application with Variable Rate, Row Crop, and Floater machines.   

In 1989, the Coop added the Tire Shop in LeRoy. The Westphalia Tire Shop opened in 1999. The Tire shops fill a large need in the communities.

The Coop offers farm delivered fuel and a 24-hour fuel card system at LeRoy and Westphalia. We have Unleaded, E-10 Ethanol, Premium Fieldmaster Diesel with soy (B2) and Roadmaster Clear Diesel with soy (B2).

Feed is sold at all 4 locations. A new feed mill was built in 1999 at LeRoy. Feed mixing and delivery add value to the feed business.

Also available for sale are seed, bagged fertilizer, animal health supplies, livestock equipment, twine, oil, pet foods, QLF liquid feed, tires, batteries, and automotive accessories. Other services include vehicle alignment, brake lathe, grain vac and soil sampling.

The LeRoy Coop has 45 full-time employees and seasonal help assist with Coop operations.

The LeRoy Coop believes in giving back to the community. They support many school functions and 4-H livestock sales.